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Privacy Statement
July 2009

Manufacturing Industry Skills Council is a registered public company. The company now trades under the name of Manufacturing Skills Australia (MSA) and may be referred to as 'the Organisation' in this policy. MSA offers a variety of services to industry and government as well as training organisations and regulatory authorities.

Manufacturing Skills Australia hosts this site on behalf of both MSA.

Manufacturing Skills Australia is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information which you (the Visitor) might supply to us at this site (Visitor Data). When you access this site and submit any Visitor Data to us, your submission is an acknowledgment of and agreement with the terms of this statement and to the use of that Visitor Data by Manufacturing Skills Australia.

Any Visitor Data of a personal or sensitive nature that is collected from this site by Manufacturing Skills Australia will only be used as necessary for the business to be transacted between us and for the purposes of providing our Visitors and stakeholders with better services and products. It will not be disclosed to anyone else unless we are required by law to disclose it or you tell us we can or should.

Manufacturing Skills Australia access to the Visitor Data is limited to authorised persons - employees and in some cases contractors and consultants who are all bound by contractual obligations to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of that Data.

Where there is a password or key provided to you to access this site or any secure part of it, then it is important to keep that password or key secret like an ATM PIN. Visitor Data held by us is kept in a separate secure location not accessible from the Internet.

We may, in the ordinary course of our own business, use Visitor Data to direct market our products and services. Where you have provided information by email, this electronic method will be used in preference to other methods. You should indicate in your email if you prefer not to receive that marketing material in this manner. Most of the information we send to you which might be classed as direct marketing material will also provide you with an opportunity to refuse future material from us.

Manufacturing Skills Australia is continually assessing and updating its systems to ensure the security of information on the web site as well as that retained on our independent systems. All reasonable efforts are made to provide an acceptable level of confidence that Visitor Data cannot be used by unauthorised persons or in a manner likely to affect the reputation or standing of Visitors. The sort of information we hold and collect from the Visitor Data and which might include personal information is:

  • Your organisation's legal name
  • Your business and trading names
  • The name and title of the individual who represents your organisation or accesses the website on your behalf
  • The email address of that individual and the organisation
  • The telephone, facsimile, postal and street addresses of the organisation

Cookies may be used to gather statistical information that will assist in understanding what users find interesting and useful on our website. No personal information can be identified about the user through cookies. However, they will enable you to take full advantage of the services we offer. The use of cookies is an industry standard and you'll find most major websites use them. Most Internet browsers are pre-set to accept cookies. If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can adjust your Internet browser to disable cookies or to warn you when cookies are being used. Alterations to these settings may, however, affect the functionality of our web site.

A piece of code may also be embedded into pages of our web site. This provides statistical site usage information relating solely to Internet usage behaviour. The code is not used and will not be used to collect or store personal information.

Other information might be used by us to enable us to be proactive in assisting you in matters that either you or we have identified as relevant to your organisation and in particular, we may contact you to assist you in navigation of the internet itself or location of like organisations suppliers or others with whom you may deal. We may also use the information to contact you and alert you to regulatory or compliance matters that might affect you. Or we simply use the information to contact you to obtain your consent or authority to use the Visitor Data in a particular way not mentioned here.

Subject to the rights of other Visitors and persons whose information may be collected and aggregated with yours, you may request and we will disclose to you details of your personal information in the Visitor Data that we hold at any time. Given our commitment to your privacy, we can request verification from you and evidence to support such a request to ensure that the person who so requests that information is the person entitled at law to receive it.

Most importantly, your personal Visitor Data will not be given to any third party by us, unless it is specifically required by law (law enforcement rights or where there is a threat to someone's safety involved are the usual cases) or where full details have been given to you and you have provided us with your approval or consent. Manufacturing Skills Australia may use software to analyse usage statistics on our web site. This analysis is performed using anonymous data collected from the Manufacturing Skills Australia website. No personally identifiable information will be collected by that monitoring software and we will not link this anonymous statistical data to any personal information you may have volunteered to Manufacturing Skills Australia for registration purposes or for any other requests for products and services.

If your organisation prefers, it may remain anonymous to the extent that the name of the organisation need not be provided to us or in being provided it is marked in a way that indicates that you prefer not to be personally identified. However, all other data necessary for contractual relations to exist in real time must be provided through this electronic system if the purpose of the visit to this site is to enter into any legal relationship with any other visitor or user or with us.

You should be aware that our website from time to time will contain links to other sites and those sites may have different privacy provisions. Manufacturing Skills Australia is not responsible for those sites or for any consequences of you accessing them through our website.

The Manufacturing Skills Australia is a leading industry advisory body and is committed to the promotion of the highest standards of compliance in all regulatory matters affecting our members and industry in Australia. The National Privacy Principles have been incorporated into the policy established by Manufacturing Skills Australia in the design and implementation of this Privacy Statement. If you have any queries concerning this Privacy Statement, contact Manufacturing Skills Australia's Chief Executive Officer on +612 9955 5500.

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