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MSA will be retiring this website in 2024.
Please ensure you save all data you require in another location.

MySkills is an easy to use career and skills manager for your manufacturing, engineering and automotive career. It includes career planning tools and a handy resume generator. Best of all, these services are totally free to use.

MySkills safely stores your personal profile, skills, work history, and important work contacts and web links. It maintains your current resume online, which is accessible whenever you want it, and can automatically update your profile from your current employer as you develop in your present role.

MySkillls also allows you to plan your future providing downloadable careers information sheets covering a range of manufacturing sectors and their relevant qualifications.

Keep using MySkills as you grow and develop your manufacturing, engineering or automotive career.

Your details will never be made available to anyone without your permission. See product disclaimer below for details.

Note: you will have to be registered and logged in to use some of the features in this site.

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